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A statistics says that in India today, only 10% of our children go on to complete graduation. We, Team Everest believe that education is the only sustainable solution to overcome poverty.

Hence we have launched 'I am the Change Scholarship' for parentless and Single parented students in Tamilnadu, India who are academically strong and financially weak.This scholarship is applicable for students who are applying for 'Under Graduate' courses. Team Everest will sponsor up to Rs 35,000 per student per year.

Students are not just beneficiaries. We at Team Everest believe that they are 'Change agents' too. Hence, every student who receive the scholarship will also commit to certain number of volunteering hours each month to make a difference in the community they live in.

For queries, whatsapp to +91 89399 12365

In Team Everest, we believe that best of the best talent in the world should be working in the social sector. Hence we are launching 'I am the Change' fellowship program.

This fellowship will give opportunity to those who want to work in social sector but could not do it because of job or family commitments.

Anyone below the age of 40 with a UG degree can apply for this fellowship program. A stipend of Rs 15,000 per month will be given to all fellows and it is a 2 years fellowship program.

If you are interested in this fellowship program, kindly

For queries, whatsapp to +91 89399 12365